Slippery Road Sign

Slippery Road Sign: What is it and How to Read it

Introduction A major accident might happen when driving on wet or slick roadways. Even the best drivers can get into an accident if they must be made aware of the road conditions or the many risks of driving on a wet road. When it rains, a slippery road sign is put on certain roads or […]

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Front Fog Lights

Fog Lights: Importance of Fog Lights and Does it Matters?

Introduction You just got home from work on a cold winter night. Even if you’re an experienced driver, the last thing you want is to have trouble seeing on your way home because it’s dark and foggy.  Here, you can say that your fog lights saved the day. Front fog lights are a soft yellow […]

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What is Jaywalking?

What is JayWalking? Is it legal?

What is Jaywalking Street safety is one of the first lessons you learn as a youngster. This could have included knowing when to utilize a crosswalk, looking both ways before crossing, and comprehending intersectional signs and signals. However, there’s a possibility that you’ve done it as an adult even if you had excellent habits as […]

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