Understanding traffic signs is crucial for safe driving. In Pakistan, road signs follow specific standards to guide drivers and ensure safety. This article will cover everything you need to know about traffic signs in Pakistan, including the different types, their meanings, and some important hand signals used by traffic police and drivers.

Road Signs in Pakistan

Road signs in Pakistan are designed to regulate, warn, and inform road users about the rules and conditions of the road. They are essential for maintaining order and preventing accidents. Pakistan’s road signs are influenced by international standards, particularly those of the British system, but they have been adapted to meet local needs and conditions.

Types of Traffic Signs in Pakistan with Signs Images

Traffic signs in Pakistan can be broadly categorized into three types: Mandatory signs, Warning signs, and Informative signs. Each type has a specific role in ensuring road safety and efficiency.

What Are the Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are the most critical type of traffic signs in Pakistan. They are circular with a red border and a white background. These signs indicate actions that drivers must follow, and ignoring them can lead to fines or accidents. Some examples of mandatory signs include:

Examples of Mandatory Signs:

  • Stop Sign: This sign instructs drivers to come to a complete stop and proceed only when it is safe.
  • Give Way Sign: Drivers must yield to other vehicles at intersections.
  • No Entry Sign: Indicates that entry is not allowed for vehicles.
  • No Parking Sign: Indicates that parking is prohibited in that area.
  • No Overtaking Sign: This sign prohibits vehicles from overtaking other vehicles on the road.
Mandatory signs

Beyond the basic mandatory signs, there are a few other important ones that drivers in Pakistan should be aware of. The Speed Limit Sign is a circular sign that clearly displays the maximum allowed speed for that stretch of road. Adhering to speed limits is crucial for safety and to avoid penalties.

Another mandatory sign is the No Parking sign, which indicates areas where stopping or parking is prohibited. These restrictions help maintain traffic flow and ensure access for emergency vehicles.

Lastly, the No Overtaking sign is a mandatory sign that bans drivers from passing or overtaking other vehicles. This is an important rule to follow, especially on narrow or winding roads where visibility is limited.

What Are the Warning Signs

Warning signs alert drivers to potential hazards or changes in the road conditions ahead. They are typically triangular and use symbols to warn about things like sharp turns, pedestrian crossings, or roadwork.

Examples of Warning Signs:

  • Sharp Turn Ahead: Warns drivers to slow down due to a sharp turn.
  • Pedestrian Crossing: Alerts drivers to be cautious of pedestrians crossing the road.
  • Roadwork Ahead: Indicates construction work on the road.

What Are the Warning Signs

In addition to the common warning signs, there are a few other important ones that drivers should be on the lookout for. The Animal Crossing sign alerts drivers to the possibility of livestock or wildlife crossing the road, particularly in rural areas. Extra caution is needed in these locations.

Another warning sign is the Slippery Road sign, which indicates that the surface may be wet, icy, or otherwise hazardous. Drivers should reduce speed and exercise greater control of their vehicles when they see this sign.

The Traffic Signal Ahead sign warns drivers that they are approaching an intersection controlled by traffic lights. This allows them to be prepared to stop or proceed according to the signal indications.

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What Are the Informative Signs

Informative signs provide useful information to drivers, such as directions, distances, and services available. These signs are usually rectangular and use symbols or text to convey information.

Examples of Informative Signs:

  • Direction Sign: Shows the direction and distance to different locations.
  • Service Area Sign: Indicates the presence of facilities like gas stations, rest areas, or hospitals.
  • Parking Sign: Informs drivers about available parking spaces.

Informative signs malomati isharay

In addition to the informative signs already mentioned, there are a few other types that provide useful information to drivers. The Hospital Sign is a green sign with a white “H” symbol, guiding drivers to the nearest medical facility in case of an emergency.

Another informative sign is the Tourist Information sign. These signs, often in blue and white, point drivers to nearby attractions, landmarks, or places of interest. They can be especially helpful for visitors exploring a new area.

Lastly, Lane Designation Signs indicate the intended use of each lane, such as “Left Turn Only” or “Buses Only”. Following these signs ensures proper lane discipline and helps maintain orderly traffic flow.

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Another Important Signs with Images

Apart from the standard traffic signs, there are other important signals that drivers need to be aware of, including hand signals used by traffic police and drivers. These signals help manage traffic flow and communicate intentions on the road.

Traffic Police Man Hand Signs

Traffic police often use hand signals to control traffic at busy intersections or during special events. Understanding these signals is crucial for following directions and ensuring smooth traffic flow.

Examples of Traffic Police Hand Signals:

  • Stop Signal: The officer raises one hand with the palm facing traffic, indicating vehicles must stop.
  • Go Signal: The officer waves their hand in the direction of traffic, signaling vehicles to proceed.
  • Turn Signal: The officer points in the direction where vehicles should turn.

Informative signs

Driver Hand Signals

Drivers also use hand signals to indicate their intentions, especially when their vehicle’s indicators are not working. These signals are important for communicating with other road users and preventing accidents.

Examples of Driver Hand Signals:

  • Left Turn: The driver extends their left arm straight out of the window.
  • Right Turn: The driver bends their left arm at the elbow, forming an “L” shape.
  • Stop or Slow Down: The driver extends their left arm downward, palm facing backward.
  • And many others.
I intend to move  in to the left or turn left.
I intend to move  out of the right or changing the lane or turn right.
I intend  to stop.
I intend to slow down.
Indicating the car following you to over take.

Deep Explanation of Mandatory Signs, Warning Signs and Informative Signs

Mandatory Signs

These traffic signs in pakistan are also known as Regulatory signs۔ Mandatory signs are like an order, normally in circle shape except one sign which is mandatory but in the shape of an opposite triangle. as a result of it’s mandatory that the drivers must adapt these signs. If the driver fails to obey them, the management agency has the proper to require action against the driver.

These signs are primarily meant for the protection of different road users. These traffic signs in Pakistan have usually black legend on a white background. they’re circular in form with red borders. The mandatory traffic signs in Pakistan are often additional classified into :

Right of way series:

These embody 2 distinctive signs that assign the proper of thanks to the chosen approaches of an intersection. they’re the STOP sign and give way sign For example, once one minor road and major road meets at an intersection, preference ought to tend to the vehicles passing through the main road.

thus the give way sign board are going to be placed on the minor road to tell the rider on the minor road that he should give way for the vehicles on the major road. just in case 2 major roads are meeting, then the traffic engineer decides behalf on the traffic on that approach the signboard should be placed. Stop sign is another example of mandatory signs that comes in right of manner series which needs the rider to prevent the vehicle at the stop line.

1. Speed series:

variety of speed signs is also take up limit the speed of the vehicle on the road. They contain a typical limit of speed signs, truck speed, minimum speed signs etcetera limit of speed signs are placed to limit the speed of the vehicle to a selected speed for several reasons.

Separate truck speed limits are applied on high-speed roadways wherever serious professional vehicles should be restricted to slower speeds than traveler cars for safety reasons. Minimum speed limits are applied on high-speed roads like expressways, freeways etc. where safety is once more a predominant reason. terribly slow vehicles might present hazard to themselves and alternative vehicles additionally.

2. Movement series:

They contain a variety of signs that have an effect on specific vehicle manoeuvres. These contain bend signs, alignment signs, exclusion signs, 1 way signs etcetera bend signs including turn prohibitions and lane use rule signs. Lane use signs create use of arrows to specify the movements that all vehicles within the lane should take. bend signs are using for safely accommodate turns in unsignalized intersections.

3. Parking series:

They include parking traffic signs in Islamic Republic of Pakistan which indicate not solely parking prohibitions or restrictions, however also indicate places wherever parking is permitted, the type of car to be parked, time for parking etcetera

4. Pedestrian series:

They embrace each legend and image signs in Islamic Republic of Pakistan. These signs are meant for the protection of pedestrians and include signs indicating pedestrian solely on roads, zebra crossing sites etc.

5. Miscellaneous:

a large number of traffic signs in Pakistan that are enclosed according to this class are: a “KEEP OF MEDIAN” sign, signs indicating road closures, signs limiting vehicles carrying risky freight or substances, signs indicating vehicle weight limitations etc.

Example of Mandatory Gestures has been given in the first image above, click on it to see it again Click Here

Warning Signs

Warning signs are normally in a triangle shape and the purpose of these sings to warn you about some things in advance, for example, there is a curved round coming or there is a bend in the road.

Warning traffic signs in Pakistan or cautionary traffic signs in Pakistan offer info to Rider concerning the upcoming road condition. They recommended the driver to adapt the rules. These traffic signs in Pakistan are meant for the own safety of drivers.

They demand additional vigilance from the a part of drivers. the colour convention used for this kind of signs is that the legend are going to be black in color with a white background. the form used is an upward triangular or diamond shape with red borders.

a number of the examples for this type of signs are E has been given in the 2nd image above, click on it to see it again Click Here

Informative signs

Informative signs provide information, help, and direction. for example, parking in the left direction. information signs normally in rectangular shape may in different colors.

Informative traffic signs in Pakistan additionally known as guide signs, are provided to help the drivers to achieve their desired destinations. These are preponderantly meant for the drivers who are unacquainted with to the place. The guide signs are redundant for the users who are conversant in the location.

a number of examples for these style of signs are route markers, destination signs, mile posts, service information, recreational and cultural interest place sign language and so on Route markers are used to identify numbered highways. they need styles that are distinctive and unique. they’re written black letters on yellow background. Destination signs are contained to indicate the direction to the crucial destination points, and to mark important intersections.

Distance in kilometres are generally marked to the proper facet of the destination. they’re, in general, rectangular with the long dimension within the horizontal direction. they’re color coded as white letters with green background. Mileposts are provided to tell rider concerning the progress on a route to achieve his destination.

Service guide signs provide data to the driver relating to numerous services including food, fuel, medical help and so on They are written with white letters on blue background. data on historic, recreational and different cultural side is given on white letters with brown background. within the 3, we are able to see some examples for informative signs that contain route markers, destination signs, mile posts, service centre information, etc..


Traffic signs in Islamic Republic of Pakistan are means that for workout control on or passing info to the road users. they’ll be mandatory, warning, or informative. Among the look aspects of the signs, the size, shape, color and placement matters. a number of the signs along side examples were mentioned during this chapter.